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  1. lauren shuwen

    lauren shuwen2 soat oldin

    8:57 I thought it resembled the Barge

  2. Kangaroo Monkey

    Kangaroo Monkey2 soat oldin


  3. Sans

    Sans2 soat oldin

    This episode is nice

  4. lauren shuwen

    lauren shuwen2 soat oldin

    can we get the cat purring audio?

  5. Ghostlim

    Ghostlim2 soat oldin

    Only men remember this

  6. LittleBlueNerd

    LittleBlueNerd2 soat oldin

    i made a very loud and audible "AWWWEEEEWWE" when he talked about the kid from make a wish foundation---

  7. Derek G

    Derek G2 soat oldin

    Brian you can be kind of a rude boy in the way that you say things lol. He always gives little jabs at you like, “it’s a little messy but”

  8. Winston Wu

    Winston Wu2 soat oldin

    Whatever the theme of the HCBBS is, as long as it has a head of Bdubs, then I’ll be happy

  9. Sarah Petersen

    Sarah Petersen3 soat oldin

    /gamerule keepInventory true fixes the single player problem lol 😂

  10. Aurora Hall

    Aurora Hall3 soat oldin

    i've never EVER heard someone say their favourite colour is brown!

  11. Kuro

    Kuro3 soat oldin

    a barge but it gradually degrades over time until its completely run-down

  12. Fay Razie Sky

    Fay Razie Sky3 soat oldin

    I love how the captions say this is my friend green

  13. {shadows dusk}

    {shadows dusk}3 soat oldin

    14:14 THATS CHICA THE CHICKEN FROM FNAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Xavier Glare

    Xavier Glare3 soat oldin

    I kinda like the exterior ngl

  15. Xao Henry

    Xao Henry3 soat oldin

    A few theme ideas 1) Barge stages: Basically showing the history of the barge scaled down and the chests would be laid out like previous models. 2) Loot area themes: Something like having a downscaled pirate ship area which will flow into a mafia themed area which goes into a modern banking area... Or something like that... Y'all can use the rest of this like an idea dump of some sort

  16. Gojira gamer The LEGO master

    Gojira gamer The LEGO master3 soat oldin

    Can we get an obviously count please? I obviously know, that you can obviously, do this, obviously.....etc

  17. Lime2tehmax

    Lime2tehmax3 soat oldin


  18. Cool Doggo

    Cool Doggo3 soat oldin

    Dies from TNT. Comes back from the dead to buy more TNT. Grian has the spirit of a true American.

  19. Elliott Stewart

    Elliott Stewart3 soat oldin

    YOUR CAT!!

  20. Andrea Ellis

    Andrea Ellis3 soat oldin

    Hey Grian I know your busy with alot but for you new barge Qwest you could give away your dimands if you run out of diamonds you could build tracks for quick travel in which elytras would need allot of fireworks which would be expensive and you offer your rides cheaper and name it HIPER LANES I really hope you read this and good luck

  21. camille2006 asare

    camille2006 asare3 soat oldin

    jk its was ok

  22. Hunter Taylor-Rempel

    Hunter Taylor-Rempel3 soat oldin

    mumbo and grain building a structure together would be amazing

  23. camille2006 asare

    camille2006 asare3 soat oldin

    this video is amazinly stupid

  24. Kathleen

    Kathleen3 soat oldin

    "Someone's up to some shenanigans (that isn't me for once)"

  25. CAKE Don't eat meh

    CAKE Don't eat meh3 soat oldin

    After trying for a few hours I shall now reside to my unga bunga caves once more

  26. Princess Kitten

    Princess Kitten3 soat oldin

    Here's little pro-tip i see like everyone using water buckets to extinguish campfires but you can actually click on them with a shovel and that will it also extinguish them

  27. Zephan Zuser-Hedges

    Zephan Zuser-Hedges3 soat oldin

    Definitely a nether area

  28. Franz Perales

    Franz Perales3 soat oldin

    It's a chicken

  29. SynX micro

    SynX micro3 soat oldin

    I wonder if he has tried a emerald chandelier

  30. pandaplays

    pandaplays3 soat oldin

    Moredoor hahaha very funny

  31. BigBroBrain

    BigBroBrain4 soat oldin

    some people just see practicality as more important than beauty and aesthetics.

  32. Jack Hoff

    Jack Hoff4 soat oldin

    Just a theme suggestion, you could have 3 layers: Overworld, Nether and End. For the Overworld you could have a mini market e.g. medieval market. For the Nether you could have a modern market e.g. covent garden market. Finally, for the End you could have a modern supermarket e.g. ASDA. Oh and also all of the markets and supermarkets could be themed around the dimensions so an overworld themed market, a nether themed market and an end themed supermarket.

  33. grunt leg peice

    grunt leg peice4 soat oldin

    What happened to decked out?

  34. Treeman85

    Treeman854 soat oldin

    You could do layers and split the hole into The End Cloud Ground Level Small Caves Big Caves The Nether. Try to incorporate all the biomes. You could start at the top and do a stall like "You have reached the End" and once a zone is finished it is like you drop down a few blocks into the next layer and you try to grab the items from WHITE boxes in the clouds. It could be really cool.

  35. oliverrlo

    oliverrlo4 soat oldin

    Thanks for the history lesson but.... My history teacher got there first

  36. Avo

    Avo4 soat oldin

    That was so wholesome that Grian did the make a wish with him :)

  37. XxLilyfradXxシ

    XxLilyfradXxシ4 soat oldin

    Please build back of mansion lol Grian: wait a minute I’m rich! Me: lol

  38. Derick

    Derick4 soat oldin

    This episode had more deaths than intended

  39. Bradley Hayward

    Bradley Hayward4 soat oldin

    last theme should be void

  40. Lucas Deng

    Lucas Deng4 soat oldin

    Martyn's is "Diet Hard" from Die Hard

  41. Isaac Latham

    Isaac Latham4 soat oldin

    grain theme

  42. Ellis Dent

    Ellis Dent4 soat oldin

    “I’ve lost all my items..” “Everything In my inventory is gone..” “How will I re-gain my items..?” ... *Wait a minute, I’m rich!*

  43. Sophie Earl

    Sophie Earl4 soat oldin

    hes basically just gordan ramsey but with minecraft buildings

  44. petra schirmer

    petra schirmer4 soat oldin

    you should do a barge area then a mansion area then a area with all the heads of everyone in hermitcraft

  45. Ben Borkowsky

    Ben Borkowsky4 soat oldin

    Grian copied some other you tubers for prancing friends

  46. Charlotte

    Charlotte4 soat oldin

    Why did this make me so emotional at the end with grumbot ❤️🥲

  47. Angel flores

    Angel flores4 soat oldin

    I saw 1 flash so I don't think recording grian was going crazy

  48. Drew Hansen

    Drew Hansen4 soat oldin

    Tutorial for the mini diamond chandelier?

  49. Tristan Gomez

    Tristan Gomez4 soat oldin

    who is shawee

  50. Youtube account

    Youtube account4 soat oldin

    i think that there could be a very small segment of just bdubs face. just staring you down

  51. Psionic Lord

    Psionic Lord4 soat oldin

    Sad that you can't trust anyone.

  52. someone someone

    someone someone5 soat oldin

    Grian: builds a massive boat that can't even move Me: crafts a boat and calls it a day

  53. Pancake 09

    Pancake 095 soat oldin

    Hey Grian! I have a suggestion! Make an outer-space themed segment for the H.C.B.B.S! Best of luck!

  54. Gameplay All Games Residmon

    Gameplay All Games Residmon5 soat oldin

    16:44 when my minecraft world looks like a black hole

  55. Kyler Petzold

    Kyler Petzold5 soat oldin

    He just called the make a wish kid a detour-😭🤣

  56. Seth Nordloh

    Seth Nordloh5 soat oldin

    Rule 4 NO FLYING

  57. CloudHead Gaming

    CloudHead Gaming5 soat oldin

    I honestly could not tell Grains mansion was unsymmetrical until he mentioned it. Now I cant stare at anything else

  58. s u k a n i _

    s u k a n i _5 soat oldin

    6:13 Me when I saw the "dog": OMG ITS CLIFFORD THE BIG GRAY DOG Btw the gray actually is supposed to be red 🤐

  59. Giovanni The Flare Phoenix

    Giovanni The Flare Phoenix5 soat oldin

    I got a piece of amethyst in real life! I got it for 5$ in a flea market so it’s probably fake.

  60. Christina Jacobs

    Christina Jacobs5 soat oldin

    2:14 Grian: quick an easy house does not need a lot of time to prepare Also Grian: uses diamond pickaxe

  61. Laminate Rain

    Laminate Rain5 soat oldin

    for the hcbbs there should be difertn colors sukerl box and cost differnt prices

  62. mingdi zheng

    mingdi zheng5 soat oldin

    Me watching ad pops up THATS A SPACESHIP

  63. Familie Findeis

    Familie Findeis5 soat oldin

    8:19 but I outsmarted your outsartening

  64. GZapper

    GZapper5 soat oldin

    Thx for the inspiration

  65. Charlotte

    Charlotte5 soat oldin

    I can stop singing the Mumbo songs 😂

  66. SuouEdits 7533

    SuouEdits 75336 soat oldin

    What software are u guys using


    N3USHAARBOB6 soat oldin

    Pls do a pirate theme it will be cool

  68. Eli Rivera

    Eli Rivera6 soat oldin


  69. CoraKolourAC

    CoraKolourAC6 soat oldin


  70. Keri Hardnock

    Keri Hardnock6 soat oldin


  71. Keri Hardnock

    Keri Hardnock6 soat oldin


  72. GZapper

    GZapper6 soat oldin

    The toilet one has made me giggle hahaha


    LUKA AND DYLAN6 soat oldin

    That house is sick

  74. Trinity Childs

    Trinity Childs6 soat oldin

    😭😭😭😭 the villageur the por villageur

  75. Ross Metcalf

    Ross Metcalf6 soat oldin

    Grian should have a Back To The Future themed room in the H.C.B.B.S.

  76. Emmett w

    Emmett w6 soat oldin

    My cat makes the same face when shes smelled something interesting, its so funny to look at

  77. Troy McKaskle

    Troy McKaskle6 soat oldin

    bro i was thinking the Hermitcraft Bumbo Bagins society

  78. Andreaz Jacobsen

    Andreaz Jacobsen6 soat oldin

    PESKY birrrrrrrrd?