Hermitcraft 7: Episode 73 - C.E.O of BARGE Co.

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 73 - C.E.O of BARGE Co. Grian is back on the hermitcraft server with a new diamond making idea!
#hermitcraft #minecraft
Noteblock intro by ZL: uznick.info/up/video/k4PLgqB_hbBspGg


  1. Kuro

    Kuro2 soat oldin

    a barge but it gradually degrades over time until its completely run-down

  2. Xao Henry

    Xao Henry2 soat oldin

    A few theme ideas 1) Barge stages: Basically showing the history of the barge scaled down and the chests would be laid out like previous models. 2) Loot area themes: Something like having a downscaled pirate ship area which will flow into a mafia themed area which goes into a modern banking area... Or something like that... Y'all can use the rest of this like an idea dump of some sort

  3. Cool Doggo

    Cool Doggo2 soat oldin

    Dies from TNT. Comes back from the dead to buy more TNT. Grian has the spirit of a true American.

  4. Andrea Ellis

    Andrea Ellis2 soat oldin

    Hey Grian I know your busy with alot but for you new barge Qwest you could give away your dimands if you run out of diamonds you could build tracks for quick travel in which elytras would need allot of fireworks which would be expensive and you offer your rides cheaper and name it HIPER LANES I really hope you read this and good luck

  5. camille2006 asare

    camille2006 asare2 soat oldin

    jk its was ok

  6. camille2006 asare

    camille2006 asare2 soat oldin

    this video is amazinly stupid

  7. Zephan Zuser-Hedges

    Zephan Zuser-Hedges2 soat oldin

    Definitely a nether area

  8. SynX micro

    SynX micro2 soat oldin

    I wonder if he has tried a emerald chandelier

  9. Jack Hoff

    Jack Hoff2 soat oldin

    Just a theme suggestion, you could have 3 layers: Overworld, Nether and End. For the Overworld you could have a mini market e.g. medieval market. For the Nether you could have a modern market e.g. covent garden market. Finally, for the End you could have a modern supermarket e.g. ASDA. Oh and also all of the markets and supermarkets could be themed around the dimensions so an overworld themed market, a nether themed market and an end themed supermarket.

  10. grunt leg peice

    grunt leg peice3 soat oldin

    What happened to decked out?

  11. Treeman85

    Treeman853 soat oldin

    You could do layers and split the hole into The End Cloud Ground Level Small Caves Big Caves The Nether. Try to incorporate all the biomes. You could start at the top and do a stall like "You have reached the End" and once a zone is finished it is like you drop down a few blocks into the next layer and you try to grab the items from WHITE boxes in the clouds. It could be really cool.

  12. Avo

    Avo3 soat oldin

    That was so wholesome that Grian did the make a wish with him :)

  13. XxLilyfradXxシ

    XxLilyfradXxシ3 soat oldin

    Please build back of mansion lol Grian: wait a minute I’m rich! Me: lol

  14. Bradley Hayward

    Bradley Hayward3 soat oldin

    last theme should be void

  15. Isaac Latham

    Isaac Latham3 soat oldin

    grain theme

  16. Ellis Dent

    Ellis Dent3 soat oldin

    “I’ve lost all my items..” “Everything In my inventory is gone..” “How will I re-gain my items..?” ... *Wait a minute, I’m rich!*

  17. petra schirmer

    petra schirmer3 soat oldin

    you should do a barge area then a mansion area then a area with all the heads of everyone in hermitcraft

  18. Angel flores

    Angel flores3 soat oldin

    I saw 1 flash so I don't think recording grian was going crazy

  19. Drew Hansen

    Drew Hansen3 soat oldin

    Tutorial for the mini diamond chandelier?

  20. Youtube account

    Youtube account3 soat oldin

    i think that there could be a very small segment of just bdubs face. just staring you down

  21. Pancake 09

    Pancake 094 soat oldin

    Hey Grian! I have a suggestion! Make an outer-space themed segment for the H.C.B.B.S! Best of luck!

  22. Kyler Petzold

    Kyler Petzold4 soat oldin

    He just called the make a wish kid a detour-😭🤣

  23. Laminate Rain

    Laminate Rain4 soat oldin

    for the hcbbs there should be difertn colors sukerl box and cost differnt prices


    N3USHAARBOB4 soat oldin

    Pls do a pirate theme it will be cool

  25. Eli Rivera

    Eli Rivera5 soat oldin


  26. Keri Hardnock

    Keri Hardnock5 soat oldin


  27. Keri Hardnock

    Keri Hardnock5 soat oldin


  28. Ross Metcalf

    Ross Metcalf5 soat oldin

    Grian should have a Back To The Future themed room in the H.C.B.B.S.

  29. Troy McKaskle

    Troy McKaskle5 soat oldin

    bro i was thinking the Hermitcraft Bumbo Bagins society

  30. RyanIsCool

    RyanIsCool5 soat oldin

    You did the date wrong for the kids house


    RODRIGO BARBOSA5 soat oldin

    You could make the barge evolution for the roller-coaster

  32. Mason Matheny

    Mason Matheny5 soat oldin

    a good ride theme idea is all the diffrent type of biome caves

  33. toby oliver

    toby oliver6 soat oldin

    Throw in a decked out session of the game m8

  34. Cameron Kasady

    Cameron Kasady6 soat oldin

    Grian: "The big blue-green pyramidal...pyra..pyramidal?", Me, the mathematics major student: "Yup, that's right." P.s no joke, its actually called a pyramidal shape! Also, awesome vid G!

  35. William Cantrell

    William Cantrell6 soat oldin


  36. Tenhensinapen c

    Tenhensinapen c6 soat oldin

    Oh dear, found this song again More doors for me GRAIN COMPLETE THE CHALLENGEEEEEEEEEEEE 🤗

  37. Luke Stewart

    Luke Stewart6 soat oldin

    Grian, you should make the minigame so that it is chests filled with normal items AND the occasional shulker boxes that are either super good or terrible.


    CAPTAIN7 soat oldin


  39. Oscar Pearson

    Oscar Pearson7 soat oldin

    is this vid a sponsor

  40. Scareyewhale Gaming

    Scareyewhale Gaming7 soat oldin

    When he said “where is my bdubs face?” He should have said “where is my bloody Beautiful bdubs face?”

  41. Perfect Protagonist

    Perfect Protagonist7 soat oldin

    Grian: I am a real human being after all. Stans: WHAT!?

  42. Teresa Hunt

    Teresa Hunt7 soat oldin

    The roller-coaster could be themed after bdubs

  43. senni bgon

    senni bgon7 soat oldin

    Plot twist: grian made the second button and fooled us all by setting Mumbo up.

  44. VORTEX

    VORTEX7 soat oldin

    Poor scar flew up and died lol 😃😂

  45. Dolores Williams

    Dolores Williams7 soat oldin

    The feeble feigned trowel proximately snow because lemonade internationally kick minus a wise north america. succinct, aspiring chance

  46. senni bgon

    senni bgon7 soat oldin

    Ocean theme ,fast food theme, and parrot theme Me like vid😛😇

  47. Bryce Willett

    Bryce Willett7 soat oldin

    My question not to be mean or anything but does he know the ip and can he tell us legally

  48. GarbageBoi

    GarbageBoi7 soat oldin

    wished grian called it junk rush

  49. JecinthTheBigBOI :3

    JecinthTheBigBOI :38 soat oldin

    Do you know who’s Denis?

  50. Damon Ferguson

    Damon Ferguson8 soat oldin

    Since impulse is your partner in the barge, you should make him your assistant.

  51. Isaac Diakoff

    Isaac Diakoff8 soat oldin

    A good idea for the minecart mini game segment would be basically going through the nether with maybe small versions of the upside down mansion and the other upside down builds there. Just a thought.

  52. Imran Ali

    Imran Ali8 soat oldin

    Lava floor then basalt pillars and glass connecting them with the rails on them while going lower and lower then it goes through a magma cave Pls like so he can see

  53. luuk de best

    luuk de best8 soat oldin

    Space thema

  54. ben devonshire

    ben devonshire8 soat oldin

    the wooden tower should be a reception with a employee as a receptionist that sends the customer to the other tower for an opoinemt

  55. Benjamin

    Benjamin8 soat oldin

    the walkway from building to building shoudve been iron bars so it looked like a drying rack

  56. Moh The Destroyer

    Moh The Destroyer8 soat oldin

    Theme idea: Grumbot

  57. Elliott Jongbloedt

    Elliott Jongbloedt8 soat oldin

    I have a question that I don't understand. For the H.C.B.B.S (Grians Version) Why does he need to use activator rails?? why not regular ones.

  58. Deborah brune

    Deborah brune8 soat oldin

    The inexpensive mouth cephalometrically frighten because canoe surely wave via a milky william. knowledgeable, tall way

  59. Fire_Horse_Crafter

    Fire_Horse_Crafter8 soat oldin

    i saw the flashing recording grian must have better eyes than editing grian XD

  60. ijohnston79

    ijohnston798 soat oldin


  61. John Noir Smith

    John Noir Smith9 soat oldin

    I know Grian wanted new ideas, but not gonna lie: supermarket into Jurassic Park sounds pretty cool

  62. dericn31

    dericn319 soat oldin

    Ocean theme ,fast food theme, and parrot theme Me like vid😛😇

  63. Nano Gig

    Nano Gig9 soat oldin

    Maybe you can do the different levels of the barge as the theme, so like the little boat all the way up to what it is now.

  64. Bombadeir Boi

    Bombadeir Boi9 soat oldin

    A dwaven mine for the toler coater

  65. AnFer

    AnFer10 soat oldin

    maybe use observer to check when a player has opened a shulker and if so, randomly close other boxes. Or maybe randomly dispense shulker boxes. This way they can pay 10 diamonds and get some stuff not all of it

  66. Arno Jacobs

    Arno Jacobs10 soat oldin

    the themes for the roller coaster could go trough the hermitcraft history so far, turf war, HCBBS,...

  67. luckyhorseshoe2788

    luckyhorseshoe278810 soat oldin

    Shouldn't you make impulse a office

  68. Louise M

    Louise M10 soat oldin

    I have a good idea for your barge roller coaster you can decorate it of the evaluation of the barge because you could start with a small plat form and then all the way to the barge C.E.O tower! Btw my name is oliver. hope you like my idea!

  69. OreoSloth Gaming

    OreoSloth Gaming10 soat oldin

    You should have it so towards the end there is better stuff in the shulkers and you need to save room in your inventory so you can get the better loot

  70. Rukmani Gupta

    Rukmani Gupta10 soat oldin

    Hi grian! You could do one part of the roleler coaster victorian themed, one part as a grocery store or as the roller coaster goes on the ride could go from the past to the future.

  71. Pink_Link

    Pink_Link10 soat oldin

    for the themes, you could do sections and the history of the server. have an aqua town section, a barge section, a mansion section, the hobbit section, just to bring back memories from the server

  72. meryman 228

    meryman 22810 soat oldin

    Themes coud be all the biomes (of some of them)

  73. FigtherStudios // Cadestar66

    FigtherStudios // Cadestar6610 soat oldin

    Bdubs Themed

  74. Trey Sparkes

    Trey Sparkes11 soat oldin

    Grain do you remember more doors? from episode 3?

  75. tribongo bros

    tribongo bros11 soat oldin

    Grian and impulse doing a rollercoaster? Sounds familiar

  76. shani yan

    shani yan11 soat oldin

    Wehn karen comes in Barge tower: I would like to speak to the manager Grian switching seats I am the manager.

  77. Elliot Worswick

    Elliot Worswick11 soat oldin

    Do a norther hermit cribs

  78. John Noir Smith

    John Noir Smith11 soat oldin

    Grian: "The problem is we don't actually have anything at the top worth visiting" *Sad crafting table noises*

  79. shani yan

    shani yan11 soat oldin

    It should be themed caves/ mining / capitalism

  80. Winifred Feeney

    Winifred Feeney11 soat oldin

    Indiana jones, laura croft, jurassic park, under the sea famous movies maybe?

  81. Catherine Goodyear

    Catherine Goodyear11 soat oldin


  82. Catherine Goodyear

    Catherine Goodyear11 soat oldin


  83. Catherine Goodyear

    Catherine Goodyear11 soat oldin


  84. PokoTheDinosaur

    PokoTheDinosaur11 soat oldin

    I just wanna say From the definition of resistance Grian was actually fighting for no mycelium

  85. BBearplayz

    BBearplayz12 soat oldin

    `Snape, Snape, Severus Snape...`

  86. Veli-Pekka Maajaakkola

    Veli-Pekka Maajaakkola12 soat oldin


  87. Dewey studios

    Dewey studios12 soat oldin

    I think u should do the jurassic park entrance or u can make the rollercoaster barge themed


    HIGHACTIVITY12 soat oldin

    War sence

  89. CrazzzyCartooner

    CrazzzyCartooner12 soat oldin

    the themes could be gigantic plants, the ride can go on, go over the plants. And little like nature fairy houses that they can go inside?

  90. Hatrid d

    Hatrid d12 soat oldin

    You should build a subway station at the end

  91. The Voyager

    The Voyager13 soat oldin

    Theme ideas! Abandoned mine shaft (like the Gemini at cedar point) Marshlands Dropper theme Tunnel of love Ancient temple Egyptian The Minecraft End Nether Wood Arctic Sewers Dungeon Cloud 9 Outer Space Rainbow American horror story Accounting (*shivers*) Grocery store/kitchen Witch’s house Tavern/pub (think the bar from Star Wars) Precious blocks theme Pitch black Void room Paradise island Traveling in a giant dragon skeleton Pirate theme If others have more ideas feel free to leave an idea in the comments, and if you could, leave a like so others can see?

  92. iubit norocos

    iubit norocos13 soat oldin

    Maybe a western part where you can grab like old timey like things like wood, lanterns , coal/charcoal, etc . After that it could be like a mine then after that you should transform that into like a sea theme as it goes down and then that could be sea themed stuff, and then it goes down to like a nether like area, and it all can end in like a nuclear waste land that just contains random things

  93. WDC Studios

    WDC Studios13 soat oldin

    The second office should be for the assistant/Impulse because of the impulse buys

  94. WDC Studios

    WDC Studios13 soat oldin

    Grian, your desk should be right in front of the hole so you pop up at your desk

  95. TheMandoGamer

    TheMandoGamer13 soat oldin

    the theam should be the mandolorian

  96. Snow Patrol

    Snow Patrol13 soat oldin

    No... no Grian. Making and implanting a map that big DOES NOT take an hour. Maybe 20 minutes and less

  97. Hellhound YT

    Hellhound YT14 soat oldin

    It should be themed caves/ mining / capitalism

  98. Joseph Neville

    Joseph Neville14 soat oldin

    U should call the mini game The Grian Grab 😃

  99. Ubergold YouTuber

    Ubergold YouTuber14 soat oldin

    Use the chisels and bits mod

  100. dark soul

    dark soul14 soat oldin

    Grian should do that he would make 2 person ride the coaster the person who gets more item gets to keep it and losing person should give everthing back

  101. Haejun Kim

    Haejun Kim14 soat oldin

    I like Grains Mansion and it is very detailed.

  102. topsyTurtle_life

    topsyTurtle_life14 soat oldin

    The design of the tunnel kind of reminds me of space mountain,Idk why but I find it cool

  103. Its Cyanman

    Its Cyanman14 soat oldin

    Why not make a sci-fi market design :D

  104. Patrik Bezdek

    Patrik Bezdek15 soat oldin

    I love how map one that you made on episode 25 has a number 25 river